New Normal….Where do I go now…….

The New Normal……Where do I go now……

I am as frustrated and still scared about what our future looks like and what we potentially may be facing as you may be. I have prayed and meditated a lot and this is what hit me like a ton of bricks. We are not in control or in charge of any of this. What we can do is use our brain that God gave us to use good judgement and reach out to our brothers and sisters. God gave us Free Will and it is up to us to follow His teachings. I like many of you are taking it slow as we begin our journey with the New Normal. I am back to work in the Parish Center instead of working from home; it is different and yet the same. We have all had to be a bit more creative as we try to reach out to our families, friends and our community.

Try to pick a time and just sit with God; talk to Him as if He is sitting next to you…be patient and see what He has for you. He may prompt you to call a family member, write a note to someone or someone may come to your mind to pray for even if you don’t know the reason. Remember that He is in charge and He loves each and every one of you so much…You are never forgotten.

I lean on God to lead me where I need to go, to do what He is asking of me. Since Covid-19 hit us I was lead to write small articles in hopes of reaching out to all of you. His message to me was very clear and persistent; these were His words to me….talk to your brothers and sisters…my children. Help them to know they are not alone. I am…..I am ever present; I am here when you wake; I shower you with love always; I am by your side when you stumble; I will hold you in your sadness and fear; I am your ever present healing Father.

God bless,
Deb Briancesco RN

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  1. Sue Scantlen

    The new normal for me is being able to attend Mass and finally receive the Holy Eucharist. The;; church has had modest attendance with about 60 to 70 parishioners at the Sunday 8:30 Mass. I feel very safe as everyone has a mask on and are only two people per pew, unless it is a family. Everyone has been helpful cleaning the pews after Mass. I also have been attending most daily services. It is great to be back with my Sacred Heart family.

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